Integrated security management solutions for different sectors

Over 15 years of experience have enabled Alesys to acquire clients in a wide range of sectors, from banks to hospitals to retail, museum sites, production sites to critical infrastructure and public administration. Whatever the sector, Alesys provides platforms capable of managing security systems inside buildings as well as solutions for city traffic and outdoor security.

Critical infrastructure for excellence. They require extremely reliable and efficient security solutions and a management platform able to respond in real time and in a simple way to emergencies. Various players in the banking world turn to us as strategic partners to meet their needs. Integral and enumerated are the solutions proposed.

The retail world is in continuous development and evolution. More and more there is the search, by our customers, not only for a solution for security management, but also for a platform able to help business developers and marketing managers in the creation of campaigns and data analysis based on counting, classification and target identification. Integro and Enumero are the solutions proposed.

The big industrial players have always been the company’s focus. Making security simple is essential especially when it comes to large and complex buildings. Thanks to the Integro platform our customers have a complete and intuitive view of all the systems present whatever the manufacturer and the number of detection points to control.

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