License plate control and
traffic monitoring system

The number plate control solution that, through proprietary OCR or on-board camera, allows to verify the number plate of the vehicle in transit and process the data, for the execution of commands or verification in existing databases. The needs of vehicle transit control, traffic monitoring and vehicle checks for fiscal or security purposes are thus met in a simple and effective way.

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/ Features /

Ease of use and configuration
Multi-vendor support
Versatile for number plate checking and traffic monitoring
Hardware independence

User interface

User friendly

Displayable access filters for certain gates

Event history display

Reading number plates and saving the relative image

Intuitive and guided real-time alarm signalling

Exportable graphs for further processing

Functions and statistics

Functions and statistics

Verification of the number plate of the vehicle in transit and processing of the data, for the execution of commands or verification in existing databases

Possibility of integrating the connection with context cameras, to obtain the image referred to each reading.

The system allows the creation of customised lists (blacklist/whitelist) to filter access to certain gates or to generate alarms.

Possibility of connecting external databases, to manage fiscal control services such as payment control or the presence of insurance policy and vehicle overhaul.

Creation of areas of use to group several cameras into a single controlled group to unify monitoring, vehicle counting, and related alarms generated.

Each element recorded by the system is stored in the application history

At any time, it is possible to carry out statistics on existing data, apply filters and create reports on the transit of gates or vehicles belonging to a given list or area. The information can be exported for further processing.

/ Benefits /

Ease of use

Single interface for installer and operator on all devices

Integration of products of the most important brands

Guided and simplified management of alarm events

Basic server license + Add on at choice

Scalable without the need to update the entire system

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