Security and video surveillance management software

Today, public structures and commercial activities need advanced tools to monitor flows. Enumero was born as a people counter and became a true management and control platform. Through the intuitive interface and voice messages in real time it allows an optimal verification of the controlled buildings. The files derived from the analysis of data provided by video surveillance systems allow to go further and solve marketing and business development needs.

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/ Features /

Ease of use and configuration
Multi-vendor support
Versatile for number plate checking and traffic monitoring
Hardware independence

User interface

User friendly

Voicemail messages when thresholds are exceeded/removed

Privacy guaranteed thanks to the absence of video tracks

Easy configuration

Customizable traffic light graphics

Real-time visualization of the single doorway and the entire system

Security and Business Development

Security and Business Development

It makes it possible to analyse data from video surveillance systems and to manage and process them according to the user’s needs.

The data is stored and processed with the utmost respect for privacy. Only data relating to the video analysis system are analysed, no images are shown or saved, thus guaranteeing the protection of customers and people passing through the site.

Reports can be customised according to requirements, with the possibility of filters on controlled accesses, date and time or creation of ad hoc filters for creating marketing campaigns and statistical analysis.

It is suitable in any context where monitoring and counting of people flows is required, both for business development and security needs: shops, shopping centres, stadiums, stations, airports, parks and much more.

It can be integrated with the Integro supervision solution for the advanced and integrated management of all security systems.

/ Benefits /

Scalable from the single shop to the large shopping centre

Reports generated according to user needs

Protection of people and the site

Can be integrated with the Integro solution

Adaptable to any context for security and marketing needs

Customisable reporting

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