Our security solutions

The Alesys portfolio comprises three main solutions: Integro, Enumero and Lamina. Names derived from Latin allow us to give a new face to our products while remaining anchored to our roots.

Thanks to the in-house development team Alesys develops technologically advanced software solutions that allow the management of different systems with customizable interfaces.

The integration with major hardware manufacturers allows to increase the control of the managed systems, while guaranteeing the independence of Alesys. The improvement of security management, data analysis and the reduction of relative costs are just some of the objectives achieved by our customers.

Alesys ready to use solutions are constantly updated, simple to use and highly competitive.

Alesys’ best-known software, the platform that allows the integration of any security system from firefighting, access control to video surveillance through intrusion detection, audio and technological systems. 6 versions of the software and over 40 available drivers make it capable of very high performance.

The number plate control solution that, through proprietary OCR or on-board camera, allows to verify the number plate of the vehicle in transit and process the data, for the execution of commands or verification in existing databases. The needs of vehicle transit control, traffic monitoring and vehicle checks for fiscal or security purposes are thus met in a simple and effective way.

It was born as a people counter and became a real management and control platform. Through the intuitive interface and voice messages in real time it allows an optimal verification of the controlled buildings. The files derived from the analysis of data provided by video surveillance systems allow to go further and solve marketing and business development needs.

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