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Metropolitan City of Rome

The Metropolitan City of Rome Capital represents a territorial body of vast area, which pursues the following general institutional aims:

  • to ensure the strategic development of the metropolitan territory;
  • promotion and integrated management of services, infrastructures, and communication networks of interest to the metropolitan city;
  • to ensure institutional relations at its own level, including those with European cities and metropolitan areas.


Within the Metropolitan City, the Department that deals with security and information systems is of fundamental importance to guarantee the safety of goods and people.

The Department also manages the connectivity of all the High Institutes of Rome, about 350 buildings in the area.

With the acquisition of the new single headquarters, the need to secure and monitor the 32-storey building has arisen. Given the complexity of controlling the building with the support of the staff in charge, the need arose to find a solution that would allow the connection of video surveillance and intrusion detection in order to display events in real time and monitor the perimeter of this articulated space.


Alesys, Altintech and DST thus joined forces to design and implement the solution. After an initial study it was decided to install about 60 cameras, including fixed and swinging cameras, an intrusion detection system and Integro software as supervisor.

The solution in its entirety allows the Security Institute present in the building to monitor, manage and intervene immediately if necessary. A single control room, present inside the same building, is manned 24 hours a day, guaranteeing the security of the building even at night.

The importance of security for the Metropolitan City of Rome is extreme. In the case of the new single headquarters, the objectives are to guarantee the safety of staff and the public as well as the building itself, making it a leading space and an example for others.

Following the global crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, further security measures will be implemented. There are approximately 1200 people in the building under normal conditions. To date, the presence is only managed to guarantee essential services.

Access control and regulation, temperature measurement are just some of the systems that will be adopted to guarantee continuous access and a safe stay.


Alesys – Software House, present for over 17 years in the security and telecommunications market, realizes several specific projects for privileged interlocutors. The company’s mission is to provide global and integrated services for security and the world of information technology, creating easy-to-use and competitive solutions. For every need, Alesys provides a personalized service of design, implementation, and management of the solution through the integration of commercial products and customized solutions.

Altintech – The company’s commitment is focused on the integration of solutions through the strengthening of the technological infrastructure and systems in the Building Management sector, the evolution of Data Centres, and the computerisation of work processes.

Altintech specialises in the design and installation of video surveillance, anthropic security intrusion detection and access control systems, and has always collaborated with leading manufacturers in the sector. Since 2018 we have launched an ambitious investment plan in economic and human capital terms, to develop technically advanced solutions for the security of places, integrating video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems with RADAR technology.

DST Sicurezza – DST is a consolidated reality in the world of security with a network of points of sale located in the territory, each one with its own warehouse, its salesmen and its technicians. The organization is able to accompany customers in the completeness of their business through: sale of intrusion detection equipment, CCTV, firefighting, evacuation, audio & video, home automation, gate automation, telephony; pre and post sales technical assistance, with a rapid and effective customer service; training with courses aimed at the constant technical-commercial growth of customers; Systems division specializing in the study of complex solutions for every installation need.

Closeup of business team putting their hands on top of each other.concept of teamwork.

“Security was often seen as an invasion of privacy but now, given the situation we are living in, it has become clear that more control provides better protection.” 

Dott. Stefano Iacobucci
Security Manager Management and maintenance of information systems and internal networks
Metropolitan City of Rome

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