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The important thing is to have a map

About fifteen years ago I came across a surreal conversation during the installation of a fire-fighting system. The installers had to decide what to call a detector in the management office.

  • Do I write Detector 25?
  • No, Optical false ceiling detector in the management office
  • Does not fit!
  • Then try: Riv. false ceiling office dir. com.
  • Does not fit!

In the end, the description became: 25-Riv.C.S.dir.com., a merciless tax code of the detector’s name. Although understandable to those who knew the complex, this nomenclature is very vague: what is the building, the floor, or the indication, even in principle, of the sector? At this point my curiosity turned into a question: “How will the receptionist be able to read the display and understand what is happening?”.

The answer left me speechless: “In the cupboard behind the reception there is a binder with maps of all the floors with numbered alarm points drawn”. My imagination began to run wild. I imagined a real case of fire between panic, the necessary speed of intervention and the receptionist to discard the binder by searching the map for the tiny numbers printed on the A3 sheets.

In a technological world, this scenario seemed anachronistic and gave rise to the idea of Integro, a supervisor who would allow anyone to easily and effectively identify and understand the alarm and its procedures.

Today, in 2020, although several years have passed, this situation is still widespread in reality of all sizes.

Intègro is a complete supervision solution that integrates, in a single interface, the management of different systems (video, audio, burglar alarm, fire prevention, access control, technological systems and home automation). Thanks to the in-house development team, complete software independence is guaranteed, and it is possible to implement customised drivers based on the customer’s needs.

In this way, any infrastructure can optimise alarm management in a targeted, intuitive way and with considerable savings in terms of time and management costs.

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