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People counting: from accessory to opportunity

When, in 2015, Enumero was developed and released, the request for statistics and counting of people within commercial areas was considered a useful accessory only for large structures or distribution chains. The aim was simply to get to know the population of the structure in a turnout competition.

In the meantime, marketing has evolved with new technologies and new demands necessary for planning and optimising sales in an increasingly competitive world. Increasingly complex models and demands not applicable to small shops or more artisanal realities.

Today, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions, people counting has become an indispensable tool for regulating flows. Like all pandemics, the current one will come to an end and the question may be spontaneous: why invest in “temporary” technology?

The answer is simple: to use the data, even in the future, to optimise the activity, knowing, for example, the peak times or the days with the highest turnout. The data can also be compared with cash flows, providing a more detailed picture of your business.

Enumèro makes it possible to analyse the data coming from the people counting systems of the video surveillance systems and to manage and process them according to the user’s needs.

The data is stored and processed with the utmost respect for privacy.

Only data relative to the video analysis system are analysed, no images are shown or saved, thus guaranteeing the protection of customers and people passing through the site. The reporting can be customised according to requirements, with the possibility of filters on controlled gates, date and time or the creation of ad hoc filters for the creation of marketing campaigns and statistical analysis.

It is suitable in any context where monitoring and counting of people flows is required, both for business development and security needs: shops, shopping centres, stadiums, stations, airports, parks and much more.

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