Software and management
security systems

Alesys designs and develops solutions for the integrated management of security systems and devices even if not directly connected to each other, through complete and easy to use user interfaces.

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Alesys’ mission is to provide software dedicated to security, competitive, easy to use and always up to date. Alesys develops software solutions for the security sector thanks to an in-house development team. The products are technologically advanced and allow the management of different systems with customizable interfaces.

The integration with major hardware manufacturers allows to increase the control of managed systems, while guaranteeing Alesys independence. 

Improving the management of reports and reducing related costs are some of the objectives achieved by our customers.

Over a decade of experience

The company was founded in 2003 as a software project company
In its first years of life it carries out specific projects for privileged interlocutors

The activities carried out allow the company to gain various experiences in the creation of products and services in the field of security and telecommunications

The development and business development group expand to make Alesys a primary interlocutor for large groups producing solutions and end users of international value

Alesys changes its face and prepares for a new chapter in its evolution. from a software house dedicated entirely to the creation of custom solutions to a portfolio of complete and ready-to-use solutions


Complete solutions that are extremely easy to use

Alesys is a specialized software house able to provide, in addition to portfolio solutions, design, implementation and management services using the integration of commercial products and offering tailored responses.